The Art of Being on Target

Leadership is the art of balancing 

Radical Listening - Ruthless Planning - Relentless Executing

Most people know how to lead, plan or execute the plan, but unless all three are delicately, dynamically and decisively balanced, things are missing:

Avi’s framework, The Art of Being On Target, will help you and your leaders improve the critical skill of balancing listening, planning, and execution. With Avi’s mentorship, support, consulting, and advice you and your leaders will learn how to balance the three core leadership domains.  

As these principles are applied, you will create a loyal, motivated, high-performing team that takes everyone to new heights, and your leaders will rise to their true potential and improve their leadership skills.

You will meet your organizational goals because they will be zealously pursued by a highly motivated and inspired team that trusts their leadership’s plan and priorities. Your team will realize that when the organization will ‘win’ by meeting its goals they will personally win too. 

Most importantly, once your managers are proficient with The Art of Being On-Target, you will be able to focus on strategically leading your organization rather than on quenching fires. 

Who is The ART of Being on Target for?

This process is versatile. It can be applied to your exact need. The most frequent scenarios are when an organizational leader needs to learn and apply the The Art of being On-Target in their organization, or when the leader and their leadership team need to master and apply it to their entire organization and its goals, thereby accelerating and exponentially increasing the impact the program brings.

What you can expect from the process?

Being on Target is the primary reason, goal, and outcome of this process.

Your customers will feel cared for and heard. As a result, your market will develop greater brand loyalty. You will see improvement in  CSAT, NPS, and other customer emotional response metrics.

Leaders and team members in the organization will be able to articulate, connect and align with the purpose and goals of the organization. What your leaders would demonstrate after mastering the ART of Being on Target is a capacity to make key decisions regarding goals, plans, and plan execution that can improve one without degrading the others.  

Team members will experience excitement, inspiration, and motivation, and display a passionate commitment to bringing value to the organization and its customers. Specifically, you will notice a measurable improvement in: 

What are the main activities involved in the Art of being On-Target?

As a matter of fact, most likely these are not activities that you don’t already engage in. The Art part is mostly about the extent, intensity, and timing of engaging with these activities. In order to master it, Avi’s coaching may engage to fine-tune any or all of the following: