The Art of Being on Target

Leadership Is The Art Of Balancing 

Radical Listening - Ruthless Planning - Relentless Execution

Avi Shai

Avi brings a unique depth of experience coupled with a passion for mentoring and coaching that makes mastering the The Art of Being on Target available to you, so you become a next-level leader.

Avi has a successful track record of over three decades with companies such as Google, VMware, NICE and as a co-founder and engineering leader of smaller startup teams. 

Avi holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technion, an MBA from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, and is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC, CPCC). 

Avi was born in Israel and has been living in California for almost 20 years. Married with two sons, Avi enjoys scuba diving in the big blue sea and listening to classical music.

“Avi’s coaching helped us address more difficult challenges with more success than before.” 

- Kurt, Senior Engineering Director, Google

Leadership Coaching

Avi’s framework, The Art of Being On Target, will help you and your leaders improve the critical skill of balancing listening, planning, and execution. With Avi’s mentorship, support, consulting, and advice you and your leaders will learn how to balance the three core leadership domains.  

As these principles are applied, you will create a loyal, motivated, high-performing team that takes everyone to new heights, and your leaders will rise to their true potential and improve their leadership skills.

You will meet your organizational goals because they will be zealously pursued by a highly motivated and inspired team that trusts their leadership’s plan and priorities. Your team will realize that when the organization will ‘win’ by meeting its goals they will personally win too. 

Most importantly, once your managers are proficient with The Art of Being On-Target, you will be able to focus on strategically leading your organization rather than on quenching fires. 

I witnessed Avi building teams from scratch, teams that subsequently took entire organizations to the next level. ” 

- Michael, VP, Google

Individual Coaching

Avi is a highly skilled and experienced certified coach who has helped many people to be on-target with their organization’s goals, their leaders' development goals, and most importantly, their customers’ goals. 

He uses inductive listening, the type of deep listening that will help you gain self-awareness, improve communication, and develop new perspectives right during the coaching sessions, and as you process your insights between meetings. Avi does not believe in ‘one size fits all: his coaching style adjusts to adapt to each individual client to provide them with the exact support and guidance they need to reach their goals. His compassionate and supportive coaching style has always received rave reviews about his willingness to go the extra mile to facilitate his clients' success.

With Avi’s coaching, numerous leaders significantly improved their leadership and management skills leading to improved focus and performance of their teams, culminating in the overall achievement of their organizations’ targets and along with it - their customer’s higher satisfaction.

When applied in 1-1 coaching, The Art of Being on Target brings clarity of purpose and laser focused action. It enables you to achieve your personal or organizational goals.

Avi listens to what you say. But that's not all he's doing. He listens to what you don’t say. He sees the big picture and the minute details at the same time. He leads you through understanding it in a way you cannot help but grow. And when you grow you do better.” 

- Tawny, Head of Internal Coaching, Google